Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

These terms and conditions apply in the time the contract was amended for all business relations between Lyfa (hereinafter we or us) and their customers (you).


This online shop is run by Lyfa Innovations GmbH, Sperrstrasse 89, 4057, Basel.

These terms and conditions apply in the time the contract was amended for all business relations between Lyfa (hereinafter we or us) and their customers (you).

These terms are deemed to have been accepted when ordering goods or services. Differing conditions require written confirmation from us.


The display image of products in the online shop is not a legally binding resolution and is for illustrative purposes only. Adding products in the “basket” is not considered a binding order and a binding order for the products contained in the basket is only completed after we receive payment from you. You will be sent an immediate confirmation via e-mail, with the receipt of the contract. The acceptance is subject to the legality and the availability of the ordered goods or services. Temporarily not deliverable products will have to be reordered by you. The availability display in the online store serves as information, not as a delivery confirmation, it may be inaccurate in exceptional cases.


We will deliver the ordered goods to the address specified in the order. Every attempt will be made to deliver during the selected delivery time, however in unforeseen circumstances where this is not possible you will be notified by email. In exceptional cases, certain products may not be available. In this case you will be informed about the products status by email and offered a refund of the amount of the missing product. We are entitled to make partial deliveries and services at any given time, provided that they are reasonable. If partial deliveries are carried out by us, we do assume the additional postage. If you should not be home at the time of delivery, we do have your permission to place the goods in front of the door, respectively to execute your note regarding the placement of your order, which you can leave when submitting the order. We will notify you when the delivery has been carried out and provide information of the drop off location if possible and necessary.

The delivery is defined as «a delivery to the front door». If requested by the customer and under conditions of liability for any damage resulting from mistreatment or the like, we deliver to the apartment.

Return of empty packaging:

Empty packaging can be returned to us for free during a subsequent order. All security deposits associated with the returned packaging will be credited to your user account. Empty packaging may also be returned directly to us at a specified location. To arrange this, please contact us at


We reserve title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price. In case of behavior contrary to the contract, especially if you fail to meet your payment obligations in spite of a reminder from us, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract and demand the return of the merchandise held by you within a reasonable given deadline. In this case we are entitled to recycle the returned goods upon their receipt. We reserve the right to decline a contract after a negative result of a credit check. Purchased gift vouchers cannot be returned.

Delivery slot changes are possible until 1 working day before the chosen delivery day, please contact us at In some circumstances it may be possible for delivery slot changes to be made later, for this please contact us at and we will try our best to accommodate your request.


We only accept the methods of payment that were indicated in the framework of the ordering process. The purchase price and any applicable shipping costs are due upon conclusion of the contract.

Reimbursements and deposits are automatically refunded to your Lyfa account, unless otherwise requested by the customer and confirmed by Lyfa.

Vouchers can be redeemed only on the terms indicated on the voucher. It is not permissible to sell coupons or coupon codes without prior written consent from us.


If the goods are deficient at the time of transfer of risk, e.g. manufacturer error, or there is a wrong delivery, we will provide a replacement delivery if possible or a reimbursement. In case of failure of the replacement, you can request the cancellation of the purchase of the item concerned.

Our liability for own negligence and that of our employees, legal representatives and agents is limited to intent.

Lyfa is responsible to deliver on the selected delivery day. A delivery within the selected delivery window cannot always be guaranteed due to traffic jams, etc.

All product stated weights/quantities and photos are representative only and can vary from order to order.

Although containers are cleaned and packed with the upmost care for hygiene and cleanliness, food is sold as “fresh” and it is not recommended that you store the products for prolonged periods of time. Products in reusable jars are not equivalent to products packed in sealed plastic in terms of shelf life, and should be treated as already “opened” when they arrive. 


Suppliers and contractors of the offers on these sites:

Lyfa Innovations GmbH Sperrstrasse 89 4057 Basel

Address to send returns to:

Lyfa Innovations GmbH Sperrstrasse 89 4057 Basel


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When you review a product offered by us, you grant us the exclusive and unlimited license for further use. We do not reserve the right to display a customer review shortened, modified or omitting parts even for a limited period.

Customer evaluations reflect the opinion of the customer and do not necessarily reflect our opinion.


10.1 Consumers have the right to revoke the contract at least 48 hours prior of receipt of goods. The revocation is to be sent in writing by e-mail to stating the order reference number.


The provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply. Basel is the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from a contract with Lyfa. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. The relevant legally binding version of the GTC is available on

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